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The First Pin-Up Photoshoot Collaboration

Sultry songbird Ruby St James got in front of the camera as a test model for my first Atomic Tangerine shoot

Ruby St James is a northern beauty with a contagious giggle and one heck of a voice. This songbird captivates audiences across the country with her soulful tunes and cheeky edge, she performs as a burlesque artist and as a cabaret compere.

I first met Ruby properly when I booked her for the first Lights Down Low show and she wowed the audience with her own version of the Chicago musical song, Roxie. After that show everyone was talking about her and telling me how amazing they thought she was. She certainly stole a few hearts that’s for sure! It wasn’t even a question about wanting to rebook her and you’ll see her now as a regular with The Rendez-vous Revue and the Looking Glass cabaret.

I was lucky to photograph Ruby for my very FIRST performer photoshoot, she was my original guinea pig and I love what we created!


How would you describe Ruby in 3 words?

Glamorous. Sultry. Fierce.

What do you hope your audience experiences when they see you perform?

I want to be a form of escapism for them, for them to be completely enthralled and in the moment, lost in enjoyment and empowered! …and to fall a little bit in love with me, naturally!

What has been your proudest moment or greatest achievement throughout your career?

I feel very grateful for the shows and experiences I’ve had, they’ve been so varied. My biggest achievement was being booked for a European festival this year — which has unfortunately been rescheduled because of Coronavirus… 2021 though!

Have you ever had any performance hiccups, if so what has been your biggest hiccup and how did you overcome it?

My hair piece got caught in my dress zipper! I just had to shimmy and tug until it came loose!

I just had to shimmy and tug until it came loose!

If you could perform alongside anyone, dead or alive… who would it be?

Fellow redheads, Tempest Storm or Rita Hayworth.

Have you found any positive outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic?

I started dancing for enjoyment again! Not for a show or an act — just for me, to move my body.

What for you is the foundation of a good creative collaboration?

Openness, Communication, Equal effort and using each other’s strengths.

What is your creative mantra?