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ABOUT atomic tangerine

Hi, I’m Marianne or Maz for short, the creative northern femme behind Atomic Tangerine. My passion for bold and beautiful imagery has followed me throughout my career. I’ve worked at all sorts of creative places as a product designer, design lead and art director, often being lucky enough to work shoulder-to-shoulder with high-end photographers. 

I am fascinated by technology and the capabilities that we have in our hands. All my photography work is created on mobile phones either in a studio environment or virtually. I love to challenge the status quo that great photography can be created with the simplest of tools.


When it comes to photography projects and collaborations, I really enjoy playing with crazy concepts and trying out new ideas to create some seriously epic imagery. No idea or concept is too big or small! I like to unleash the colourful, empowered side of my subjects, I like to see the people I’m photographing have fun during a shoot, and I love to see what people can create when they let their imagination take over!

Bit more about me...


Outside of my photography world, I work as a product designer where I focus on design systems and UX/UI design, I also have a music podcast with my husband, Tom, called Wine Your Body. We have always loved music, especially northern soul and it was of course inspired by wine – After a bottle of wine and playing lots of records one night we decided it would be fun to make a podcast about music.

I have lots of strange and wonderful stories that I have gathered through my life and career, including the one where The Rock’s personal trainer once told me I had an impressive handshake! Or the one when where I once ended up at a party with Samuel L Jackson! And not forgetting when I once auditioned for a Beyonce music video, even though I don’t dance professionally! (This one was without a doubt the most traumatising experience ever and the fact that there is a recorded audition tape out there somewhere haunts me, endlessly.) 


I guess you could say it’s these experiences that have taught me to look for the fun and uniqueness in everything, they certainly helped to shape my colourful side... now I’d love to help you unleash yours! Simply get in touch if you’d like to collaborate and have some fun! 

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